League Rules (Updated August 2017)

Below is the League Rules, 

1. Title

The League shall be known as the Sleaford and District Snooker League.

2. Officials

Fixture Secretary

Address: c/o Solo Club, Market Street, Sleaford, Lincs

3. Registration and Fees

  1. Team Registration forms should be received at the AGM.
  2. Match fees of 50p per player for both home and away teams are collected by the home team captains who are responsible for delivering the fees together with the fixture results sheet to the designated box (on gate) at the Reel Club by 12 noon on the Saturday following the match.
  3. An individual can register for ONE team only which will normally apply for that season. No player will be allowed to change his registered side without permission of the Management Committee. New registrations may only be made at the regular Management Committee meetings and on match nigh with consent of both captains.
  4. Signing of players - players must live within the Sleaford & District league area (ie within a 10 mile radius of Sleaford). Exceptions are made for those players who have played in the Sleaford & District league in the past and have moved outside the 10 mile radius.

4. Teams and Matches

  1. Each team on match nights will consist of five players, A match will consist of five frames.
  2. Both Captains will present their predetermined players order of play and the match will be played in that order. Any reserves must be declared before the draw.
  3. Each game is one frame played off scratch worth one point. Additionally one point will be awarded for winning the match, i.e. a total of six points to be played for.
  4. Matches must be played on the specified dates unless by prior consent of the Officers of the League or due to exceptional circumstances.
  5. For Cup matches only, a random draw will be made. All players should be present by 7.30pm. Frames will be played in the order drawn. Any player not present to ensure continuity of play as drawn will forfeit the frame.
  6. Home captains are responsible for providing referees for each of the games.
  7. For any result not handed in, together with match fee, by 12 noon on Saturday following the match, the Home team will have two points deducted from their accumulated League total.
  8. Knockout finals week. There will be a week stated for finals to be played. No matched to be played before or after this week.

5. Start-up Time

  1. Starting time will be 7.30pm.
  2. Both Captains to ensure that their first 3 nominated players are present by 7.30pm in order that the draw can be made.
  3. If the first frame has not commenced by 7.40pm the frame can be claimed against the defaulting team.
  4. If no frames have been started by 8pm the match can be claimed. The offending team will be deducted 3 points and the non-offending team awarded 5 points.
  5. If the 4th and 5th players are not present to allow continuity of play the frames may be claimed.

6.Individual Competition

All matches to be played over the number of Frames or Points as stated by the committee.

It is the obligation of the away player/s to contact the home player/s with 3 suggested dates for matches to be played. This contact must be made within the stated contact period. Failure to make contact will result in the home player/s going through to the next round.

If none of the 3 suggested dates are acceptable then players must agree on a date which is conductive to all parties. If a date cannot be reached, or the match is not played, the home player will automatically go through unless representation is made to the committee.

7. Committee

  1. Any decisions affecting the League shall be conducted by the Management Committee. Each team registered shall have the right of one member on that committee entitled to one vote.
  2. In the event of a tie at the end of the season, the winner and the runner-up shall be decided on the most matches won.